Saturday, January 05, 2008

purpose fulfilled

awake to a technicolor dawn
embrace the fresh morning dew
walk bare foot in the sand
as waves break into soothing song
along shell strewn shores

all i need is a moment
that second of euphoria
enraptured with the sound
amazed with the view
alive with the feeling

a walk within the redwoods,
connected to my beloved
a stroll along the beach
breathing in the essence
touching every nerve

Allow yourself to let go
as though free floating
let your mind meditate
comforted by the lack of ego
be still and listen

let my hand be yours,
let divine breath fill your lungs
exhale with thought,
inhale with intention
be here now, this very moment

undiscovered peace lies just beyond
a finger's width away
a moment from your grasp
self seeking nothing
you find it all at once

only a moment
can open the door
to divine destiny
selfless living
purpose fulfilled

Friday, January 04, 2008

Today the wind spoke
She wispered into my ear
I've traveled across land and sea
Seen and heard the whole wide world
Until I've met you here

Past the pyramids at Giza
Over China's Great Wall too
Down the steps of Boru Buddur
Touching the world's greatest sites
But very few people cared

My tendrils touched war zones
Somalia women clutching cloaks
Mothers in refugee camps
Of Darfur, Palestine, Iraq, Burma
Yet few people really cared

New years I blew through Times Square
Tossing celebrity skirts
My Santa Ana winds flew
Burning the Hollywood hills
Suddenly everyone cared

How do they judge news these days?
I said, "public eye is strange.
Perhaps we forget togetherness
The wind touches all people
Just as our sorrows and pain"

We can't forget forever
Blind to the world today
Ignoring past and future
Someday the winds of change
Really will unite us all

Change Too Good To Be True

Strolled swiftly down the avenue
Straight through onto the train
Past the garbage on the streets
Ticket Machine reads "change only"
I need change in the worst way

Homeless teens by the station
Waiting for the shelter
Another day without change
Can't get a job, can't ride the train
They need change but pockets stay empty

Single mom came to the ER last night
She has no health insurance
Her cash goes to car, kids and rent,
Toiling all day for low pay
No benefits, she needs change yesterday

Election time again this year
Time for change they yell
In with the new; that's their view
Same thing to us, with a different name
Voters are asking for change

Bring us real useful change
Everything we have glitters
It's not new, same old thing
Different day, pseudo name
Nothing new under the sun

We need change in a major way
Change for public transportation
New Politicians, same game
Garbage in streets, landfills,
Our land is filled with cars, bars, homes

TV shows violence and celebrities
Where is the news media?
Cable channels cost money too
They want your change for nothing
Same people, same trash different name

Everything cries out for change
The garbage filled streets
Mothers who work for no insurance
Politicians with the same fake smile
Trains, cable, lights, all take change

It All looks the same to me.
Pay to go to school,
Change for the train to work
My first stop the coffee shop
Now there's change well spent.