Friday, January 04, 2008

Today the wind spoke
She wispered into my ear
I've traveled across land and sea
Seen and heard the whole wide world
Until I've met you here

Past the pyramids at Giza
Over China's Great Wall too
Down the steps of Boru Buddur
Touching the world's greatest sites
But very few people cared

My tendrils touched war zones
Somalia women clutching cloaks
Mothers in refugee camps
Of Darfur, Palestine, Iraq, Burma
Yet few people really cared

New years I blew through Times Square
Tossing celebrity skirts
My Santa Ana winds flew
Burning the Hollywood hills
Suddenly everyone cared

How do they judge news these days?
I said, "public eye is strange.
Perhaps we forget togetherness
The wind touches all people
Just as our sorrows and pain"

We can't forget forever
Blind to the world today
Ignoring past and future
Someday the winds of change
Really will unite us all


American Muslima Writer said...

I forgot about the wind, thanks for this beautiful reminder. Love the style.

Sara Khab said...

The wind blew all my nikah matrimony day,
And wedding nights was the night time of the great wind;
And a well balanced door was banging, and again again,
That he must proceed and shut it, departing me
Stupid in candlelight, hearing rainfall,
Seeing my encounter in the twisted candlestick,
Yet seeing little or nothing. When he returned
The horses were explained by him had been restless, and I was sad
That any person or beast that night time should lack
The pleasure I had.