Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh divine love!
Oh blessed truth!
The somber reality rings in my ears.
People speak only a small partof their true intentions;
Their true meaning speaks from beyond their words.

This one boasts,
His ego like a rooster struting,
Yet, he truelly feels insecure and small.
The real message a need for adoration;
Seeking approval and affection even from strangers.

That one cries;
Her tears falling with wails.
Does she even know her deepest reason?
Others react with sypathy and distraught interest.
Now she is a pampered center of attention again.

The youngest shouts;
Her voice carries and strains.
She years to be heard to make known,
'I'm here!! I matter! Just love me too!"
Sometimes it's hard being the baby.

He lies in his solice
Stewing in his sloth
None of this is his fault he whines,
For if he took responsibility for this and that
He would see the failures and feel even worse.

Sometimes truth
Is stranger than fiction.
Other times it'sjust hidden,
under a filmy layer of concious ego.
Showing only what we THINK we are saying.

Ya 7ayy
Keep my heart
Tuned in to your vibrations
That I may see,and remember
The truth beyond the veils into the Hidden.

1 comment:

Ibrahim said...

Beautiful, you remind me of me :)