Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A poem: Terms of Endearment for Shaykh Taner Ansari Al-Qadiri Al-Rifai

The most wonderful moments my heart holds dear
Were simple days, spent with you and a pizza oven
Such a blessing to be so near my beloved Shaykh
A gift beyond words, to be so at peace with you

My heart aches in lonely sadness now, so far away
I just want to sit at your feet and have my mind silent
To breathe and be concious, to learn Allah
The only true goal of heart's contentment

When the teaching of silence of the heart and mind
First were told to me- the endless chatter box--
I couldn't fathom, or even grasp such things
Only with you is my mind silent, and my tongue at rest

Recently, I hope, to keep you with me more often
AS the zhikr of my heart is- Insha'Allah- more frequent
I feel the constant chatter quieting a bit
Although, recently my sadness is tenfold

If this is expansion and contraction,
I pray I expand soon, for I feel as if I shall burst
I know Allah wants us to be happy,
Yet, these moments are so few now

Oh my Shaykh, please forgive me for my selfish ways
But I long to be close to you, to be close to Allah
This should be possible, I know, any place
For Allah is Ya Qarib, and Ya Wasi,

~~~ the final set was excluded, as I feel it is far too personal~~~

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