Saturday, April 22, 2006


Are we truelly so blind
As to watch another suffer
While yet not seeing
That could be me?

Are we so hardened
When no orphan's tears
Or mothers cries
Can bring us to feel empathy?

How can we draw this line
WHY, is there you and me
How is there no connection
Of two living beings?

Why do we separate
the living here from
the dying there
Aren't we all alive

HOw is it we act
As though nothing connects
Although really, the separation
Is only a fictionary line

It's drawn across history
Drawn with wars across time
TO separate and divide
To conquer and control

If idealogy says I must choose
Which part of me do I side
The oppressed or the rich
The young or the old

You see I am doing it already
Drawing lines, silly fictional lines
When really there is only unity
The truth is the only reality

But where is she?

1 comment:

Ibrahim said...

Truth begins were pride and arrogance end. It begins when me goes and you and I both become one that is felt in all who behold.

Truth is not trust or loyalty to those who we view as being truthful, but truth is knowing our weakness and compassion :D